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What You Can Do To Stop Domestic/Sexual Violence

Millions of women each year are victims of domestic and sexual violence. Violence against women affects everyone- the victims are our sisters, mothers, partners, friends, clients and co-workers. Most people know someone who is or has been a victim of violence, even though the victim may not have disclosed the violence. It is hard to know how to respond to the victim and to the perpetrator, but peer and community involvement can be the most effective forms of intervention. Learn more.

  Reaching and Teaching Teens to Stop Violence
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The Reaching and Teaching Teens to Stop Violence curriculum provides  information to raise awareness of existing violence in our communities and challenges social norms and expected behaviors that tolerate and perpetuate violence.



Employment and Volunteer Opportunites

Click here to view current employment opportunties at NDVSAC.


Coalition staff is available to work with students to implement an internship project for credit through their college or university. Typically internships focus on a specific project based on the field of study and/or class requirements. If you are interested in creating an internship with the Coalition, please contact our office at 402-476-6256 to explore options.

General Volunteer Opportunities

The Coalition utilizes volunteers primarily to assist with administrative functions such as updating publications and preparing them for mailing, preparing the quarterly newsletter for mailing, and preparing materials for trainings. Occasionally volunteers have also assisted with translation of materials as well as training and other events. Most volunteer hours are completed during regular office hours (8:00am – 5:00pm).

The Coalition does not use volunteers for direct services.  The network of community-based domestic violence and sexual assault programs provide direct services across the state. If you are interested in volunteering with direct services (i.e. with a crisis line, shelter services), we encourage you to contact the local program. If you are unfamiliar with the program serving your area, please check the listing in the Get Help section of this website. 

Support Social Change

Support from individuals as well as federal, state and local agencies is vital to the work of the Coalition. We gratefully acknowledge the donors who have generously supported us during the past year. This support enables the Coalition to continue its leadership role in Nebraska and on the national level.

Tax deductible contributions play an important part in preventing domestic and sexual violence and bringing needed services and resources to victims and their families. Will you join us?


Want to raise awareness?

Click here for materials, event suggestions, sample proclamations, links, etc. for stalking, teen dating violence, sexual assault and domestic violence awareness months.


Write about ending violence in your next social networking post

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