Mission, Vision, and Values

The Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition enhances safety and justice by changing the beliefs that perpetuate domestic violence and sexual assault.

We envision a world where domestic violence and sexual assault are a distant memory and healthy relationships prosper.

The list of values (in no particular order) is:

  • Safety
  • Prevention
  • Accountability
  • Diversity/Equality
  • Collaboration
  • Education
  • Empowerment/Autonomy
  • Leadership

Statement of Philosophy
Abuse is a choice and a practice by which persons achieve power, gratification or financial advancement through the abuse of another person by abrogating that person’s human right to dignity, equality, autonomy and physical and mental well being. Therefore, we must work to eliminate racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, classism and oppression of all traditionally silenced groups. These oppressions are perpetuated by the same systems that profit from violence against women and children and cannot be separated from the overall mission of the Coalition; for the oppression of one is the oppression of all.