Diversity Statement

The Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition affirms its commitment to diversity. We recognize and value the ethnic, religious and racial richness of our communities and encourage mutual respect and understanding among all people. True excellence in our organization and communities results from identifying, serving and enlisting the participation of all people who represent this rich diversity.

The Coalition acknowledges our culture is steeped in racism and sexism. The historical roots of patriarchy and oppression have resulted in the marginalization and mistreatment of many people. We challenge the use of derogatory, stereotypical and other hurtful characterizations as we challenge the use of violence. We work to continually assess our progress in fostering an environment where everyone is respected, welcomed and appreciated.

The Coalition believes in the accessibility and affordability of services for all survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. We urge member programs to serve survivors in a manner that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, ethnicity, race, age, immigration and citizenship status, sexual orientation, economic status, religion, health status, including illnesses, diseases and risk conditions, and disability; and to recruit staff and board members who represent and value diverse populations.