Warning Signs

Red Flags / Warning Signs that Someone may be Abusive:

Please note: this list is not all inclusive

  • Wants to know where you all the time
  • Constantly texting/calling
  • Overly jealous, accusing you of having affairs, possessive of you
  • Minimizes your feelings and concerns
  • Your opinion is not “considered” or doesn’t appear to be valued, undermines you
  • Wants the relationship to move quickly
  • Doesn’t respect your boundaries
  • Doesn’t see he/she is doing anything wrong with how they treat you
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: shows “one side” one side to other people and shows a different one to you
  • Limits your time with your friends & family, won’t let you see your friends & family
  • Doesn’t take responsibility for his/her choices, blames others for what he/she does
  • History of being abusive in the past
  • Unrealistic expectations, unreasonable demands
  • Tells you that you are “crazy”, “stupid” or other names
  • Criticizes how you look, says no one else would want you
  • Disrespectful towards women; attitude, beliefs, comments, jokes…
  • Manipulative
  • Entitlement, feels he/she is “owed” it, deserves it…
  • “Punishes” you, threatens you, acts on the threats
  • Tries to say what you can wear, do, go…
  • He/she is abusive towards children, including emotional
  • He/she is overly sensitive, gets upset over normal life situations, feels ‘injustices’ by many
  • Do you have your own ‘personal space’, able to have time to yourself, or does he/she go through your mail, things, always needs to be around you…