Domestic Violence - Get the Facts

What is Domestic Violence?
When an individual establishes and maintains power and control over their intimate partner.

Examples of Intimate Partner: (but not limited to)

  • Husband/Wife
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend
  • Girlfriend/Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend/Boyfriend
  • Ex-spouses
  • Ex-gf/bf, ex- bf/bf…
  • Child in common

Forms of Abuse

Physical Abuse may include: (not limited to these)

                Kicking, biting
                Slapping, hitting, punching
                Using or threatening to use weapons
                Throwing things, destroying your things
                Hurting/killing your pets
                Following you, showing up unannounced, repeatedly calling/texting
                Not letting you go to the doctor

     Sexual Abuse may include: (not limited to these)

                Making you have sex when you don’t want to
                Scared to tell you partner no
                Forcing you to do sexual act that are degrading
                Uses violence against you during sex
                Denying you birth control/contraception

     Financial Abuse may include: (not limited to these)

                Giving you an “allowance”
                Forcing you to hand over the money you earn
                Opening accounts in your name
                Hiding money from you
                Not letting you work if you want to

     Emotional Abuse may include : (but not limited to these)

                Calling you names
                “Crazy making”
                Minimizing the abuse
                Isolating/keeping you from your family and friends
                Blaming you for what they do
                Accusing you of having affairs
                Threatening you
                Putting you down
                Excessive jealousy

Who are the victims of domestic violence?
Anyone can be a victim of domestic violence.  It happens to every race/ethnicity, every age, and whether you are male or female. Domestic violence crosses every sector of life; it doesn’t discern from economic factors, employment status or religious preference.

Bottom line: It can happen to anyone!

Who are the abusers?
Just as anyone can be a victim, anyone can be an abuser. Being employed or unemployed does not dictate whether someone is abusive or not. Whether a person is over a certain age, from a specific ethnicity, or goes to a certain church does not mean that person is abusive. Anyone can be abusive.

What causes someone to be abusive?
Nothing! Many times, an abusive person will blame others or events as a “cause” for the abuse he/she chooses to use.

Being abusive is not cause by depression, anxiety or any other mental illness. Drugs, alcohol or being raised in an abusive environment will not cause someone to be abusive. It is not caused by someone lacking employment or education either.

Being abusive, using power and control over one’s intimate partner is a CHOICE! That person is making a conscious decision to abuse their intimate partner

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