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Turning Points: A Nonviolence Curriculum for Women
By Ellen Pence, Laura Connelly & Melissa Scaia

Turning Points is a curriculum for women who use both legal and illegal violence against their
partners. Groups focus on helping women understand the connections between the violence they
experience and the violence they use. The curriculum’s overall goal is to help them end both.


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Men Who Murder Their Families: What the Research Tells Us  National Criminal Justice Reference Service


Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents  2008-2010  Department of Justice

Describes the characteristics of human trafficking investigations, suspects, and victims in cases opened by federally funded task forces between January 2008 and June 2010. This report provides information about investigations, persons involved in suspected and confirmed incidents of human trafficking, and case outcomes. Data are from the Human Trafficking Reporting System (HTRS), which was created in response to a congressional mandate in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005 for biennial reporting on the scope and characteristics of human trafficking. HTRS is currently the only system that captures information on human trafficking investigations conducted by state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States. The report also describes HTRS data collection procedures and data quality issues.


A Thin Line campaign  MTV

MTV’s A Thin Line campaign was developed to empower you to identify, respond to, and stop the spread of digital abuse in your life and amongst your peers. The campaign is built on the understanding that there’s a “thin line” between what may begin as a harmless joke and something that could end up having a serious impact on you or someone else.


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